Hand Painted Long Distance Best Friend Wine Glass, Stemmed or Stemless Wine Glass

Hand Painted Best friend wine glass.

This personalized gold metallic hand painted stemmed or stemless wine glass features the quote "Best friends forever never apart maybe by distance but never by heart" in a hand writing, hand painted font so your personalized wine glass will leave an impression and get compliments from the recipient.

Choose your your states, countries or providence.


- One stemmed or stemless wine glass
- Personalized with the quote Best Friends Forever Never apart maybe by distance but never by heart one side and
- Your Choice of two states, Countries or Provinces
- Hand Painted with professional  gold and red enamel glass paint and heat cured.
- Packaged in crush proof white box.
- Option to gift wrap during checkout


1) Select the style of the wine glass from the drop down menu
2) Type the two states, countries or provinces in the area provided. 
3) Change quantity to the amount of wine glasses you would like (this is one wine glass)
4) Click "Add to Cart"
5) Complete your purchase


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